Contoh Naskah Drama narrative

Contoh Naskah Drama narrative - Kami akan sampaikan disini Contoh Naskah Drama narrative lengkap sekali sehingga anda bisa mendapatkan Contoh Naskah Drama narrative dini selengkapnya dan tentunya ini akan bisa menjadi Contoh Naskah Drama narrative untuk pertunjukan anda dan tentunya Contoh Naskah Drama narrative ini akan bisa menjadi salah satu prestasi anda disaat anda melakukan Drama dengan teman-teman anda dipentas. Ini adalah salah satu Contoh Naskah Drama narrative terbaik yang bisa kami posting dan bisa menjadi pelajaran yang sangat berguna sekali karena Cerita Contoh Naskah Drama narrative ini sangat menyentuh hati, kocak dan sangat menyenangkan sekali saat dipentaskan dengan teman-teman nantinya.

Untuk itu dapatkan Contoh Naskah Drama narrative ini disini yang kami berikan lengkap sehingga bisa menjadi pertunjukan yang sangat bagus sekali, dan anda akan mendapatkan nilai bagus untuk Contoh Naskah Drama narrative ini, lengkap sekali Contoh Naskah Drama narrative ini dan pastinya kamu semua akan puas dengan Contoh Naskah Drama narrative tersebut, dan untuk untuk itu langsung dapatkan Contoh Naskah Drama narrative dibawah ini yang sobat semua.

Characters :

Elsye Yetti Frida       as Ratu di Galau Princess

Candra C. Gani         as Jolai sai Golai Princess

Abdul Haris Adnan   as  Rajo Tihang King

Dani Erfan Saputra   as Siwo Mego Prince

Ferdy Aryanda          as Fairy Man

Fajar Prayoga            as Mr. Soleh (asistant of  Prince)

Plot :

    Ratu di Galau is a princess who hate by his mother and his sister.
    Ratu di Galau forbid to go to Punduh Pidada Kingdom Party.
    Ratu di Galau help by The Fairy Man.
    Ratu di Galau go to the party and Siwo Mego prince falling in love to her.
    Ratu di Galau leave the party, the prince come to her kingdom and marry her.

Script :

(Long time ago, in east Lampung there is a kingdom, Sukadano Kingdom. This Kingdom leads by Rajo Tihang King. He has two daughters. The Older one is Jolai Sai Golai. The younger is Ratu Di Galau. Jolai Sai Golai want to be the best, love to ask her sister doing many things. Rajo Tihang also love Jolai Sai Golai more than Ratu Di Galau. Becasuse his wife dies after Ratu Di Galau born. That’s why Jolai Sai Golai is more important than Ratu Di Galau in Rajo Tihang’s  life).

Oneday, The King gives a present to Princess Jolai Sai Wawai in front of Princess Ratu Di Galau.

The King         : “Hei, Jolai…! i have a surprise for you ! a beautifull gold siger from Palas

                           Kingdom. I promise, when you wear it, you will be more beautifull !

Jolai                 : “O my God ! How beautifull is it ! Thank you daddy…. you are the best

                           father  ever !
Ratu Di Galau : (gloomy)

Not long after that, a person from Punduh Pidada Kingdom sents an invitation to the Sukadano Kingdom.

The King             : “Welcome in Sukadano!  what can i do for you ?”
Mr. Soleh             : “o… majesty ! i come here to sent and invitation from the King of Punduh

Ratu di galau       : “ What kind of invitation ?”
Mr. Soleh             : “invitation for beautifull princess. Tomorrow night we will held a party in

                              our kingdom. With pleasure, we invite you all beautifull pricess.”

(A person from Punduh Pidada come back.)

Jolai                     : “ohhh daddy….., i must go to that party.”
The King             : “ofcourse honey, you must come to that party!”

Ratu di galau       : “Daddy, may i go ?”
Jolai                     : “Eh, you??? Want to go ? absolutely not !! look at the mirror, poor you !

                              (push Ratu Di Galau untill she falls)
The King             : “Absolutelly not! I don’t want see your face there . Only Jolai who will

                              attend the party. Get it ?
Jolai                     : “Daddy.., we should prepare everything for tomorrow night. I will wear a

                              gold siger from you. And poor you !!! stay at home and clean the house.”

                              (mocking to Ratu Di Galau).

Ratu Di Galau is sad, She comes to her bedroom and cry. She is really really really want to go to the party. When Ratu Di Galau was crying… suddenly fairy man comes to cheer up her.

Fairy Man            : “Hai, Ratu di Galau ! Why are you sad ?”
Ratu di Galau      : “(surprise) Who are you ??
Fairy Man            : “I am fairy man from the space”
Ratu di Galau      : “Why are you coming here ?”
Fairy Man            : “I come to help kind person like you. Why are you crying ?”

Ratu di Galau      : “I forbid to come to the party tomorrow night, fairy man. I am galauuuu.

Fairy Man            : “alright, cheer up. Don’t be sad.

(and than Harlem Shake team come and Ratu di Galau cheer up again)
Fairy Man            : “Are you okay now dear?”
Ratu di Galau      : “wkwkwkwkwkwkw, what a ridicolous thing fairy man.

Fairy Man            : “Alright Ratu Di Galau, i must go.

Ratu di Galau      : “But fairy man… (fairy man disappear)

Suddenly Jolai Sai Golai comes to Ratu Di Galau bedroom because she feels curious why Ratu di Galau was laughing.

Jolai                     :” Heh poor ! why are you laughing lonely, are you crazy ?

Ratu di Galau      : “oh just so so Ngah, maybe you are right, i am crazy.” (Ratu nervous)

Jolai                     : “Huh crazy poor girl!!!!” (Leave the room)

(After Jolai leave the room, Ratu calls fairy man to come back, she wants to ask something.)

Fairy Man            : *clingggg* , what happen to you call me again a beautiful princess?”

Ratu di Galau      : “hmm, why did you disappear ?

Fairy Man            : “Oh, i only want to meet with someone that i want to meet. Hehehe. Oh,

                              ya, what are you goint to ask me ?”

Ratu di Galau      : “How i can go to that party ? my father and my sister not allow me.”

Fairy Man            : “That is easy ! believe me. *smiling* J

Ratu di Galau      : “Thank you fairy man, you are my hero. cemunguuuuuudddh

                              eeeeaaaaaaa! Ganbateeee (#’-‘)9

Fairy Man            : “eeeeeeaaaaa, ur’welcome *clinggggggg and dissapear*

( In the morning Jolai Sai Golai was busy preparing her self to the party). She is really spiritfull because Punduh Pidada Prince was famous, hansome, and rich. So, Jolai sai Golai want to look prety to fascinating him.)

Jolai                     : ( in front of the mirror ) “If i wear this siger, the prince will falling in love

                              to me.”

Raja                     : ( Come to Jolai room ) “How beautiful my princess is !

Jolai                     : “Of course daddy, i want to look beautifull this night.”

Raja                     : “Alright ! make me proud dear.”

Jolai                     : “Where is that poor girl?? Galauuuu Galaauuu come here!!! ( Shouting to

                              Ratu di galau)

Ratu                     : “Iyaaa Ngah, why are you calling me ??”

Jolai                     : “Take my siger, Quickly !!!!

Ratu                     : “Ok Ngah.

(Ratu take the siger and give it to Jolai Sai Golai)

Ratu                     : “This one Ngah, i’m sorry for waitting.”

Jolai                     : “Poor girl, go out !! i not want to see you.”

(Night come and the party ready to begin. Ratu is sad in her room. Her expectation to go to that party will not happend, and suddenly, fairy man comes.)

Fairy Man            : “Bonjour Ratu. Alohaa.

Ratu                     : “Eh fairy man, i am really happy to see you !”

Fairy Man            : “Kok sepi sih?

(music: Kata Pujangga) (dance)

Fairy Man            : “Why are you sad Ratu?

Ratu                     : “The party was beginning, i can’t go there. I really really want to go fairy

Fairy Man            : “well Ratu, i will do something for you. I will change Ratu di Galau

                              become more beautiful like Mulei lappung. Sim salaaaaaaabim hejo


(Ratu di Galau look so beautiful, she is happy for coming in the party as beautiful lady)

Ratu                     : “Thank you fairy man, i look sooooooooo beautifull.”
Fairy Man            : Wait a momment Ratu, i have something for you.

Ratu                     : What is that fairy man ?

Fairy Man            : (show a Siger) “This is made from shwaroski diamond, a present from

                              Harlem Shake contest in Youtube.

Ratu                     : “uhwaaaaaaaaw it is so beautifull ! thank you fairy man.

Fairy Man            : “no problem, hey, what time is it? Time to go ! come on !!!

(Fairy Man brings Ratu to that party. Arrive in there, the guest so crowded, traditional dance begin. Not long after that Ratu di Galau come to the hall. All eyes look at her. She is so beautifull, a lot of prince falling in love, one of the is Punduh Pidada prince.)

Prince                  : “Wah……who is that girl ? she is so beautiful.”
(talk to his assistant)

Mr. Soleh             : “ Yes sir, look like Zaskia Gothic

Prince                  : “You know Sholeh, i am falling in love with her.”

Mr. Soleh             : “Ask her to dance, come on my prince !”

Prince                  : “Alright, Wish me Luck.

(The prince comes to Ratu and ask her to dance.)

Prince                  : “Pardon me, i am Punduh Pidada prince, may i know your name beautifull

                              princess ?

Ratu                     : (smiling) i am Ratu di Galau, a princess from Sukadano kingdom.

Prince                   : Princess Ratu, whould you dance with me?

(Ratu accepts the prince request to dance. Music play)

(Music: Flawless bird, American Mouth)

When the prince and Ratu was dancing, Rajo Tihang King and Jolai sai Golai come.

Ratu                     : “i am sorry my prince, i must go!!!

Prince                  : “Wait Ratu!!!!!!!

Ratu runs leave the prince. The prince ask his assistant to bring her back but the assistant failed.

Prince                  : Soleh come here..

Mr. Soleh             : What happend my prince ?

Prince                  : Bring Ratu di Galau back.

Mr. Soleh             : Well done my prince.

(Mr. Soleh comes and bring Ratu’s siger which is falling down when she ran.)

Mr. Soleh             : “I am so sorry my prince, i can’t catch her, but i found this. (give a siger to

                              the prince).

Prince                  : “It belongs to Di Galau princess, i must give it back and meet her.”

Mr.Soleh              : “You right my prince, how if we go tomorrow ?”

Prince                  : “Yes, tomorrow we go to Sukadano Kingdom. Prepare everything, we go

                              earlier tomorrow.”

( The next day, The prince with his assistant go to Sukadano Kingdom and bring Ratu di Galau’s Siger.)

(After several hours, they arrive in Sukadano Kingdom. The King know the prince arrival, he is really happy, he thinks the prince will ask Jolai to marry him. The King calls Jolai.)

The King             : “Jolai…Jolai.. Jolai come here!

Jolai                     : what happend daddy ?

The King             : Look! The prince come to marry you, make over your self, you should

                              look beautifull in front of him.”

Jolai                     :  “Oh my prince comes, alright daddy”

(Jolai goes for make up and The King is welcoming him )

The King             : “Welcome in my kingdom Siwomego prince !”.

Prince                  : “A big happiness for us to come to your kingdom my majesty !”

The King             : “i already guess you come here for princess Jolai.”

Prince                  : “Oh no ! my majesty, i want to give this Siger.

The King             : “What do you mean my son ? i do not understand.”

Prince                  : “Soleh ! bring The Siger here !”

Mr. Soleh             : “This one my prince !”

The King             : “Emm…  This isn’t Jolai’s”

(And than Jolai comes with Ratu Di Galau.)

Raja                     : “Jolai, is this yours?

Jolai                     : “No daddy, i wear mine now.”

Prince                  : “You right, it is yours, beautifull princess.”

Jolai                     : “Me ??? ( Smilling )

Prince                  : “I’m so sorry, not you. ( The Prince comes to Princes Ratu behind the

                              Jolai). Yes you are, a beautifull prince that dance with me tonight. I come

                              to give this siger.

Ratu                     : Thank you so much my majesty. It is really important for me.

The Prince put the Siger on Ratu di Galau’s head.

Not long after that, The Prince marry to Ratu di Galau princess. They live happily ever after. The King also love her youngest daughter now. To express his love, Siwomego Prince builds a Siger Monument in South Lampung. (happy song)


Saat ini anda sudah membaca tentang Contoh Naskah Drama narrative yang kami berikan diatas, semoga bisa menjadi info bermanfaat ya, dan jangan lupa baca selengkapnya disini untuk Kumpulan Naskah Drama yang lainnya juga.

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