Contoh Naskah Drama frozen

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Untuk itu dapatkan Contoh Naskah Drama frozen ini disini yang kami berikan lengkap sehingga bisa menjadi pertunjukan yang sangat bagus sekali, dan anda akan mendapatkan nilai bagus untuk Contoh Naskah Drama frozen ini, lengkap sekali Contoh Naskah Drama frozen ini dan pastinya kamu semua akan puas dengan Contoh Naskah Drama frozen tersebut, dan untuk untuk itu langsung dapatkan Contoh Naskah Drama frozen dibawah ini yang sobat semua.

 Drama Frozen dalam Bahasa Inggris

         One day in the Kingdom of Arendelle, there lived two daughters named Elsa and Anna. They live happily together with both their parents. Elsa, who has the power to freeze anything she touches. Anna loved the snow. Almost every day he invited his sister to play snow.

Anna   : Hey, Elsa. Do you wanna build a snowman?
Elsa      : Yes, let’s go.
Anna    : Let’s build a snowman.
Elsa      : Ta..daa.. Hi, I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs.

They were playing in a room. Anna really liked the snow so much that she slipped. Elsa intended to help Anna, but Elsa’s strength makes Anna’s head hurt. Anna was unconscious. So she was brought by her parent to saw the trolls. Anna still can be cured because the ice was not hit her heart. But her memories about Elsa’s magic will be removed.
Since that time, the King locked the gates, reduced the staff, limited his daughters contact with people and keep Elsa’s powers hidden from everyone, including Anna.

Anna    : (Knock Elsa’s door.) Elsa, do wanna build a snowman? Come on let’s go and play.
Elsa      : Go away, Anna.
Anna    : But, why? Please, tell me why. We used to be best buddies, and now we’re not.
Elsa      : Please, Anna.
Anna    : Oke, bye.

Until one day, their parents died. The royal throne was replaced by Elsa. Anna was very happy because finally the gates open. Many guest will come to the palace. Her dreams to met a prince will come true.

Elsa      : Hi.
Anna    : Hi me…? Oh. Um. Hi.
Elsa             : You look beautiful.
Anna    : Thank you. You look beautifuller. I mean, not fuller. But more beautiful.
Elsa             : Oh, thank you. So, do wanna dancing with our guest?
Anna    : Should i?
Elsa      : Of course.
Hans    : Princess Anna, will you dancing with me?
Anna   : With pleasure.

They finally dance all the night and both of them fell in love.

Hans     : Can I say something crazy…? Will you marry me?
Anna     : Can I just say something even crazier? Yes.
Anna     : C’mon. Elsa should know this.

Anna     : Elsa! I mean… Quen… May I present, Prince Hans of the Southern Isles.
Hans     : You Majesty. We would like… your blessing… of… our marriage!
Elsa       : Marriage?
Anna     : Yes.
Elsa       : I’m sorry. I’m confused.
Anna     : But why Elsa? We have a crush.
Elsa       : I’m sorry Anna. I don’t agree. (Leave Anna)
Anna     : Wait! (Anna didn’t deliberately opened Elsa’s glove and Elsa also accidentally showed his strength in front of his guests.)

Elsa frightened. She left the palace and went to a mountain of ice where no one was there.

Anna      : This is my fault. I had to chase her.
Hans       : Anna, no. It’s too dangerous.
Anna      : Elsa’s not dangerous. I’ll bring her back and I’ll make this right.
Hans      : I’m coming with you.
Anna      : No. I need you here to take care of Arendelle.
Hans       : On my honor.

According to his promise, Hans keep well Arendelle. Meanwhile in the middle of the journey, Anna met a handsome man and a deer.

Anna      : Hi. I’m Anna. I’m the prince of Arendelle. Did you see a queen walk in the snow storm?
Kristoff  : Hi, I’m  Kristoff and I never see a queen walk in the snow storm.
Anna      : Oh, okay. Would you accompany me to find my sister in the mountain? Instead, I will replace your broken sled.

Anna and Kristoff arrived in an ice-based empire.

Anna      : Wooww. So wonderful.
(Olaf come)
Olaf        : Hi, I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs.
Anna      : A snowman? You can speak? Wait… Olaf? Olaf!!
Olaf        : Yes, you certainly Anna. Want to meet with Elsa? Here I accompany.
Anna      : (Knock the door) Elsa. Elsa… I know you’re in there. It’s me Anna.
Elsa        : Anna?
Anna      : Wow. This place is amazing.
Elsa        : Thank you.
Anna      : I’m sorry about what happened. If I’d known…
Elsa        : No, it’s okay. You don’t have to apologize. But you should probably go, please.
Anna      : But, why? Arendelle’s in deep deep deep snow.
Elsa        : What?
Anna     : It’s okay, you can just unfreeze it.
Elsa       : No, I can’t. I don’t know how…
Anna     : Sure you can.
Elsa       : Go away, Anna. (The magic regarding Anna’s heart.)
Kristoff : Anna, are you okay?
Elsa      : I’m sorry. Just… you have to go.
Kristoff : Anna, I think we must go.
Anna     : I can’t go without Elsa.
Elsa       : Yes, you are

(They’re leaving the ice-palace)
Kristoff  : Anna, your hair is turning white.
Anna      : Really? Does it look bad?
Kristoff  : No, you look be… Um.
Olaf        : Look beautiful!
Kristoff  : Olaf! Um, Olaf said also true.
Anna      : I was freezing.
Olaf        : Only true love can heal you Anna.
Anna      : True love?

Hans sent some people to catch Elsa. Elsa locked up in a prison in the palace.

Elsa        : Why did you bring me here?
Hans      : I couldn’t just let them kill you.
Elsa        : But I’m a danger to Arendelle. Get Anna.
Hans      : Anna has not returned. If you would just stop the winter, bring back the summer… please.
Elsa        : Don’t you see? I can’t. You have to tell them to let me go.
Hans      : I will do what I can.

Anna situation was getting worse. She was immediately met with Hans.

Anna      : She froze my heart and only an act of true love can save me.
Hans      : Oh,  Anna. If only there was someone out there who loved you. As thirteenth in line in my own kingdom, I didn’t stand a chance. I know I’d have to marry into the throne somewhere…
Anna      : What are you talking about?
Hans      : If I should get married, I would choose Elsa, a queen of Arendelle. You don’t have anything. Now, I have to lock you in this room.
Anna      : Please, somebody help. Please, please!
Olaf        : Anna. Oh no. I will make a bonfire.
Anna      : No!
Olaf        : So this is heat… I love it.
Anna      : Please Olaf, you can’t stay here, you’ll melt.
Olaf        : I’m not leaving here untul we find some other act of true love to save you. I have an idea. Kristoff, he loves you. He will return to save you.

Kristoff back to check Anna’s condition, and Elsa who had escaped from prison. Suddenly a storm override Arendelle.

Hans      : Elsa, you can’t run.
Elsa        : Just take care of my sister.
Hans      : You sister? She was died. She said you froze her heart. I tried to save her, but it’s too late. Your sister is dead… because of you.
Elsa        : No! Anna.

A snowstorm suddenly stopped. Elsa saw Anna who looks weak. She happy because her sister was still alive.

Elsa     : Are you okay? Oh, Anna. Don’t leave me alone. (Elsa hugged Anna. Anna’s body doesn’t freeze anymore.)
Anna   : I love you, Elsa.
Olaf     : An act of true love will thaw a frozen heart.
Elsa     : Love… will thaw? Love… of course.

Arendelle kingdom wasn’t frozen anymore. Elsa and Anna lived happily with Kristoff, Olaf, Sven and Arendelle residents who love them.

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